About us

Our mission

Our story begins in 2008 with the tragic loss of a loved one and the subsequent desire to make loved ones, their stories and shared memories literally tangible. Forever.

This is the beginning of a fantastic adventure of vision, courage, persistence, groundbreaking 3D technology, high-end 3D avatars and tangible memories. This is us. This is the TENTEQ GmbH from Dortmund.

After years of preparation, our mission was finally able to start in January 2014: giving everyone the opportunity to replace photo albums and picture frames with tangible memories, because 3D characters give depth to emotions that no picture can do. Intrinsically motivated, we developed an instrument that would ensure the success of our mission. But then everything has changed completely.

3D Technology

We developed an AI-based 3D full-body scan technology that rapidly processes image information into a 3D digital model with groundbreaking anatomical precision and maximum colour fidelity. That means: Track free for high-resolution 3D content in 8K and thus clear the way for the future! On our mission to give everyone the possibility of tangible memory, the vision suddenly set in motion to provide a free culture of remembrance for the decreasing moments through 3D avatars and to help shape the future of virtual and augmented reality.

Whether it is social media, gaming, movies, health, meetings, tours, sightseeing or fitness – 3D realistic avatars, applications and platforms are the future. Whereby this future is already knocking on the door. And with us, anyone can enter this immersive world of experience called future at any time. Just like that.


Our team

The core of our vision consists of 3D Full-Body Scanning technology, 3D avatars and the Freemium model. But the heart of TENTEQ itself is the team. Nearly 80 experts with high potentials and talents develop and work within a simple corporate culture: corporate happiness. That’s our philosophy. We make our everyday life full of emotions, so all our colleagues feel satisfied in the corporate space. 3D generation is high fives, passion, friendship, fun, dedication, initiative, trust and open culture. That’s how success works. This is how innovative companies work. This is how the future works.

That’s why we are successful. Only this way we could achieve our goals. And this is the only way we are going to continue: Together towards the future.