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3D Scanner

Technology – and you

Become digital.

This is the place where digital dreams come true. The full-body scanner offers enough space for families and other groups of people. Get your free 3D scans without waiting within a second. Guided by our experienced team, 112 cameras and AI technology deliver true-to-life results with true-to-life colors for your 3D avatar or 3D figurine of yourself. Sign up for one of the coveted dates now.

3D Avatar

The future is up to You!

Be digital.

With the 3D scan, our team creates a detailed 3D avatar that exactly corresponds to your image. Discover the way you are or want to be, make a 3D model of yourself and use your digital self-representation for a variety of possibilities:VR chats, customer discussions, online trainings, games… We create your “3D me” avatar and enter the world of 3D digitizing. Due to the Freemium model, this service is free for you.

3D Figurines

Emotions –
close enough to touch

Memories that blow up picture frames

3D characters based on high-resolution 3D scans capture life-like gestures and facial expressions. Colors and contours of 3D printed figurines look like the original image and provide a lasting memory.

Capture special moments in life. You can make 3D replica of yourself, your family or pets, with hobby and work equipment.

3D Cloud

Your beginning.
Without end.

Being digital.

Join our community of explorers and developers. In the 3D cloud, you’ll find cool and applicable uses for your 3D avatar and more. Come ove, chat with others and learn how to use 3D technology for games, health, communication, work and education. With the 3D cloud the 3D world and its possibilities become alive for you. Create a 3D model of yourself. We can not wait to meet you and tell you what’s new.

Perfect 3D figure

Hello and welcome to the 3D GENERATION GmbH

You always wanted to have a special memory of a special moment. Or you were thinking of a fancy gift idea of 3D family portrait. With us your needs will be satisfied. We create 3D figurines, 3D avatars and 3D animations. We are your excellent partner for 3D visualization and 3D printing. Whether shootings, family, baby, animal shootings, wedding and couples shootings. For every occasion we can create a perfect 3D figurine. Get yourself 3D printed!

Scanning technology

We are your perfect partner for the 3D scanning technology.

We scan people, animals, technical objects, buildings, cars, motorcycles, food and general products. With our 3D data & 3D avatars you can discover the VR / AR and gaming world. Whether VR / AR, gaming, animations or even high quality data.

Gift cards

The vouchers and gift cards for our 3D experience photo shoots are the perfect gift for your loved one for Christmas, birthday or a special occasion. In our online shop, you can immediately buy your individual voucher and create a 3D statue of yourself. You can print and use the PDF voucher immediately. The order can be conveniently and securely paid by PayPal or by credit card. For companies, the gift card is the ideal present for employees or customers.

3D Scan Groups

Our 3D stores and scanning team are present in Dortmund, Berlin, Hamburg, Bremen, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, Mannheim, Bochum, Munich, Wiesbaden, Linz and Eindhoven. 3D GENERATION mobile 3D Scan Teams work throughout Europe and offer the best scanning technology.

Do you want to make an appointment for your 3D photo shoot? With our App you can conveniently make an appointment at the respective 3D Store nearby. The respective 3D store confirms your appointment via e-mail. Of course, you can arrange your appointment by phone.