3D Scanner

The idea of a 3D Scan is to create a timeless product. Our 3D technologies help create tangible memories and preserve happy moments that can be viewed in 3D.

We follow the development of 3D technologies, constantly improve our equipment, and introduce innovations. To get the best quality 3D products, we use professional 3D full-body scanners that allow us to scan both large and small objects in great detail.

Our team of enthusiasts includes the best engineers and professors who want to make our 3D systems perfect. The first 3D Scanner we released in 2017 and since then we have continued to improve our technologies. This, we already have version 3.0, with artificial intelligence and a user-friendly interface. The whole process is fully automated and takes one second.

3D Body Scan

The scanner is equipped with 112 cameras and a projector, which simultaneously takes a set of shoots and generate a 3D model. 3d scan human is automated and takes 1 second, so the person will not feel discomfort and can take an interesting pose. The 3D body scanner is absolutely safe, so we make Mini-Me even pregnant women and children. We scan not only people, but we will also be happy to create a 3D clone of cats and dogs. 3D selfies are a memory of those we love, so come to us with your pet!

Our scanner can capture even the smallest details. You can come in your favourite sweater, bring a toy, a bag or any other thing that matters to you. We will scan you in a bright hat, in a cosplay look, with sports or music equipment. Details are important and our 3D designers know it best!

3D Avatars and 3D Figures

3D scan in 360° is fast like a regular photoshoot. The data is converted into a 3D figure in high expansion 8K and you can save this digital 3D image forever. If you want to try 3D technology, and want to know how a 3D model is creating, welcome to 3D GENERATION! You can scan in any of our 3D stores and get your 3D avatar for free!

Our 3D artists can insert bones into your 3D body scan, animate it and make as detailed as possible. The 3D scan data can be printed as a 3D figure or loaded into augmented reality applications.

By the way, we recently released a cool app where you can upload your 3D avatar and play with it. Download the APP for free now and try it on your smartphone.