3D Photostudio

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To create 3D images of the best quality, we have opened innovative 3D Studios. We care about the comfort of our clients so we made the Studios closed out of public view. You don’t have to worry about privacy and can let yourself go during 3D Shooting. Our 3D Photo studio is equipped with modern 3D cameras that take a set of pictures in 1 second.

On our shelves, in 3D Store you can familiarize yourself with examples of other 3D portraits and get inspired to create your perfect Mini-Me. There is also a place with chairs where you can relax while the 3D model is downloaded to the computer. Come to our Photo Studio for a 3D camera and make sure that the quality of our service is really the best!

3D-Scanner im Studio

How 3D Photoshooting is going in 3D GENERATION

We are always glad to see you in our 3D Studio! You can sign up for 3D Photoshooting using our appointment tool on the site to make sure you don’t have to wait a minute. At the entrance of the 3D Store you will be greeted by our assistant who will explain to you in detail how the 3D scanner works.

The scanning procedure is fast and safe even for young children! Thanks to our modern technologies, 3D images are generated in one second. After the 3D model is uploaded to the computer, you can choose the photo that you like the most or ask the consultant to take a couple more shoots. We will do everything to make your 3D avatar look perfect!

When you are happy with the 3D Shooting, fill out a short form and we will contact you when the 3D figure is ready.

Where to find our 3D Studio

Our company has a high mission to make emotions tangible. Therefore, we want our service to be available in more cities and more people can capture their best moments with our 3D scanners.

We are glad to see you in our 3D Photo studios in Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Dortmund, Stuttgart, Cologne and other cities in Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands. Our 3D Stores are located in the city center in the Mediamarkt and Saturn stores.

We are constantly expanding to be closer to our customers and it would not be difficult for you to reach us. You can find a complete list with addresses of all locations of the 3D Studios on our map.