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Screenshot mit 3D-Avatar
3D-Bild einer Person

Why do you need a 3D Avatar?

Exactly, you read that right! Your 3D avatar is the gateway to the groundbreaking future! We want everything to revolve around you! Immerse yourself in an unprecedented world of digital interaction and use your 3D avatar in gaming or simply to hang out with your friends on social VR. Your 3D avatar is the “must-have” of the future. Our job is to digitize you and catapult you into a new and multifaceted dimension. To create your free 3D avatar, you can easily book an appointment online in one of our numerous stores.

VR and AR

VR & AR – unrealistic? – No, not with us! It’s time to give virtual reality your personal touch. Our razor-sharp 3D avatars let you come alive in VR & AR and interact as much as you can! With our AR function in the 3D GENERATION app, your virtual avatar is projected into the room. Whether Paris, Madrid or London – take a snapshot with your 3D avatar and share it on social media!

3D Gaming Avatar

Trembling grandstands, soccer stars and the spotlight close enough to touch. Let yourself be scanned and play with your personal gamer avatar alongside Cristiano Ronaldo and against Messi! There are endless possibilities open to you when you create your 3D avatar. Feel the game and be the focal point of the action. With breathtaking quality and the highest precision, you will experience an unprecedented gaming experience!

3D Avatar in Social Network

Messenger and video calls?! What the future has in store for you is simply phenomenal! In the future or today you will scan yourself at one of our locations and use your 3D avatar to meet and interact with your friends! Completely detached from space and time, you will meet and experience each other with your loved ones in various places. Your 3D avatar is ready to go on a journey with you. This experience of being so close together despite the distance will knock you off your stool!

3D-Avatar in einem Smartphone

Animated 3D Avatar

Dancer, acrobat or high-performance athlete? – Be what you want! In 3D we animate your avatar the way you want it. Create Hollywood-style animations with your own 3D avatar. Thanks to our expertise in the areas of rigging, skinning and blend shape, we produce animations of the highest quality.