We are a team of professionals who will be happy to become your guides in the world of 3D technologies. 



We are constantly improving our photogrammetry technology. Our scanner automatically generates 3D models. You can download a 3D file or give it to our 3D artists for processing.


We bring the existing mesh to perfection using different soft such as Brush, Mesh room, and others. We clean the mesh qualitatively, remove all the imperfections that сan arise after scanning.


We improve the texture, model the eyes, hair, and other details of the 3D figure or avatar. Also, our 3D artists create 3D people, animals, buildings, props, and even much more from scratch!


We make a clean and detailed topology of the character by carefully placing the vertices, edges, and other faces of the 3D avatar. After that, there will be no distortions during animation!


We insert joints to the finished mesh, make a skeleton, skinning, etc. so you can deform and move the 3D avatar. This will allow you to apply animation to the model and use it in different interactive projects.


We have a Motion Capture suit which lets us create animations with human body mechanics. We will give life to your 3D character and make it move! And you can implement it wherever you need.

Do you have an original idea? Let us make it a reality!

The 3D GENERATION team has experience in the 3D industry and has a creative approach to solving difficult problems. Our 3D artists are always attentive to details. Perfectionism and love for what we do are the keys to quality work.

We love challenges and take on projects of any complexity. Contact us to discuss your project details and prices.

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