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Help with the 3D scan for your 3D figurine

What is a 3D Figure?

A 3D figure is a haptic 3D image of you and your loved ones. It used to be the portrait on the wall – today it is a 3D figure of you in your desired size to put up.

How does It work?

We scan and digitize you, your loved one or your pet in just 0.1 seconds in our 3D full-body scanner. 112 cameras capture you in 360 degrees.
If you want to scan your pet, you will come to 3D scanner with your cat or dog. You just stay in the scanner and we’ll cut you off afterwards. The same algorithm if you want to have a 3D sculpture of a baby.
In the next step, your 3D avatar is based on artificial intelligence supported 3D technology. Then a 3D artist prepares your 3D avatar for 3D printing and then we print your digital 3D avatar on our 3D full-colour printer in your desired size.

Is the 3D scan dangerous/harmful to health?

No, a 3D scan is absolutely harmless to health, as it is a 3D selfie in 360 degrees. You can compare it to a photoshoot with a photographer.

How much does a 3D figure cost?

You can get a 3D figure from 99 euros for a 10 cm 3D single figure. The larger is a 3D figure, the more details we can depict. The more colourful is the clothes, the more interesting the 3D figure looks.
Gift vouchers are available from 20 euros and in any amount. You can order your 3D gift voucher, print it and present for your loved ones.

How long does a 3D photo shooting / 3D scan take?

The 3D scan only takes 0.1 seconds. We do several 3D photo shoots of you. We, therefore, recommend that you plan about 15 minutes for the 3D photoshoot per person. Afterwards, we look at the scan result and decide together which 3D scan would be better to print for a 3D figure.

Can a 3D character be made from a single photo? (can i send you a picture to create a 3D figure?)

3D visualization from one image is possible, but very time-consuming and therefore cost-intensive. An experienced 3D artist needs up to several days, depending on the complexity, to visualize a 3D avatar from an image and is billed per hour. This is associated with very high costs.

Printing of the 3D data

If you have ready-to-print 3D data, you can use the contact form or info@3dgeneration.com to inquire about the price for full-colour 3D printing.

How long does it take to make a 3D figure? (Can I take my 3D figurine with me immediately?)

Your 3D figure is something very special and requires many steps to bring it to perfection before. your 3D avatar will be prepared “ready to print” by a 3D artist. The 3D full-colour printing, as well as the reworking of your 3D figure after the 3D printing, can also take a few days. We proceed fairly and process all orders in sequence. Production takes about 4-6 weeks.

What material is a 3D figure made of?

Our 3D figures are made of polymer plastic. The 3D printing is done on our large-volume, high-resolution CMYK-3D full colour printers. The production process is environmentally friendly, as we do not use hazardous materials. The printing time of a 3D figure depends on the size and the level of detail.

Safety instructions

3D figures are not unbreakable.
3D figures are not waterproof.
If 3D figures are exposed to permanent sunlight, colour changes can occur.
Always clean 3D figures carefully.

Providing 3D data

You will receive your free 3D avatar on request. If you want data in a different format or in different quality, we will be happy to provide you with this. The costs for deviations are determined individually.

How many people can be scanned at the same time in the 3D scanner?

A maximum of two adults and one child up to 1 m tall can be scanned together. You can find the prices there.
We recommend larger groups or families to have individual 3D scanning. You can find various occasions and examples at the page 3DFigures.

A 3D figure in scale is available

You will receive your free 3D avatar on request. If you want data in a different format or in different quality, we will be happy to provide you with this. The costs for deviations are determined individually.

Can I make the 3D figure of a child or pet?

Yes, it is possible without any problems. During the 3D scanning of your pet or toddler, you can stay with them in the scanner. Our 3D scan works quickly and we will catch the moment without any discomfort for you. After the 3D photoshoot, we will edit the 3D sculpture and clean it, delete you if you want to print a single 3D figure of a child or a pet.

What are extras/accessories?

Accessories and extras are accessories such as glasses, skateboards, scarves, backpacks, cosplay costumes and much more. Accessories and extras make your 3D figure interesting and unique. Accessories and extras are great and we recommend you to bring anything that you identify with or that simply belongs to your personality for 3D scanning.

What is a reprint?

A reprint is a reproduction of your 3D figure. The processing for the 3D modelling is omitted with a reprint, which is why your 3D reprint is significantly cheaper.

Why are extras/accessories extra charged?

Our 3D artists pay more attention to the accessories during the editing of your 3D figurine. That means more time spent on modelling and more print material on 3D printing. We categorize accessories into Extra 1, Extra 2 and Extra 3 according to the complexity and the time spent for the editing.
Extra 1 – 40 €, possible from 20 cm. Glasses, hat, scarf, a small bag, ball, pedestal.
Extra 2 – 80 €, instruments, rucksacks, larger bags, small dogs on the arm, snowboard.
Extra 3 – 120 €, floor-length dress, wedding dress, cosplay / special suits, small children up to approx. 1m in the arm and pets.

How much does a reprint cost?

There is a discount of up to 25% for a reprint in the original size.

Where can I make my 3D figure?

Our 3D Stores are located in the MediaMarkt and Saturn. You can find our 3D locations.

Have I made an appointment for the 3D photo shooting?

It is not absolutely necessary to make an appointment. It is also possible to come by spontaneously and made a 3D figure. You can use our short form of booking on the site just to be sure that you will not wait in the queue. You can conveniently reserve your personal appointment for a 3D photoshoot.

What payment methods do you offer?

You can currently pay for your 3D figure or your gift voucher in any Shops at the cash desk in cash, with an EC card or with a credit card.
You can also pay for gift vouchers for a 3D figure on our website at simply by credit card, PayPal, Klarna or GiroPay, download them immediately and give them as a present.

Can I finance my 3D figure?

Financing is possible in almost all stores at Media Saturn and can be requested after your 3D photoshoot. Creditworthiness is assumed here.

How can I see the current status of my 3D figure?

You can inquire about the status of your 3D figure by emailing info@3dgeneration.com. For this, we need your name, the location and the customer number on your invoice. Our support team usually answer within 24 hours.

Which countries does 3D GENERATION GmbH deliver to?

We deliver worldwide

Which service does 3D GENERATION deliver with?

Usually, our shipping partner is DHL. In exceptional cases also other providers.

How much does the shipping cost?

Shipping to Germany – 13.90 euros.
Shipping within EU countries – 29.90 euros.
Shipping outside the EU countries – 49.90 euros.

Is shipping insured?

The shipping of your 3D figure is insured by our shipping partner DHL.

Where can I buy vouchers for a 3D figure or a 3D photo shooting?

In our online shop at you can download, print and give your gift voucher immediately.
Alternatively, you can get a gift voucher in any of our stores.

Is there a minimum order value for purchasing a coupon?

You can get a gift voucher for a 3D figure from 20 Euros in our online shop for printing and giving away.

How long is my voucher for a 3D figure valid?

Your voucher is valid for one year.

Where can I redeem the voucher?

You can redeem your voucher at all 3D GENERATION locations worldwide.

Can I offset the voucher anyway?

Yes, it is possible to offset your gift voucher with the entire order.

Can I change the clothes in your 3D Store?

Yes, our 3D scanners are opaque. So you can change your clothes in peace there.

Do you still have questions?

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Use our contact options for this. Contact

Your Look

Your personal style defines your look – and will be represented in your 3D-figurine as well. A particularly good and appealing result can be achieved through colorful clothing.

Combine your favorite jeans with a fancy sweater, casual shirt or a pretty top. Basically, all textiles with coarse texture and prints are perfect. Do you love accessories, such as colorful hats, caps, glasses, scarves or huge bags? Bring these with you! Such garments spice up every look and are a real eye-catcher. Does your hobby make a huge part of your life? Express yourself and take your skateboard, snowboard, instrument, sport outfit, etc. with you!

By the way, you can change your clothes, put on make-up here if you do not have enough time at home. Remember: The more facets your clothes have, the more beautiful your personal 3D figurine will be.

Your Photo pose

Our team is by your side and offerss professional support for posing for your 3D-figure. Do you have an interesting hobby or a great job? Present yourself! With a few props, posturing becomes a lot easier.

You are also welcomed to bring along a few pictures of poses that you like most or let yourself be inspired by the models in our gallery. Afterwards we will look together at what is technically possible and then put you in the spotlight.

We want you to feel comfortable and enjoy your 3D shooting experience to the fullest so that we can meet every need. You should take into account that the appointment will take 30 minutes of your time.

Your Clothes

If possible, do not wear highly reflective clothing made of silk, paint, latex, polished leather or transparent materials. Extremely fine textiles, such as chiffon or tulle, are also unsuitable. These surfaces can limit the capture capacity of the sensors of the cameras during the shooting.

Please note that in such cases additional costs for 3D post-modeling may be withdrawn.

We are happy to answer any of your questions personally and assist you with advice. We are looking forward to your visit!

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