3D print service

You want to print 3D models?

The 3D generation GmbH offers modern technology and knowhow to create high-quality coloured 3D-print-Model made of polymer plaster.



Technical aspects of our 3d printer

ProJet 660 Pro 3D Printer
ProJet 660 Pro 3D Printer

ProJet 660 Pro 3D Printer

installation space L 381 x B 254 x H 203 mm
color 390,000 Colors (5 Print cartridges, including black)
solution600 x 540 dpi
minimum size of details0,1 mm
vertical building speed28 mm/hour
materialoptionsHigh Performance Polymer Composite
visual strength0,089-0,102 mm
file format for the printSTL, VRML, PLY, 3DS, ZRP
3D print with writing or images on the model

Possible applications of 3D Printing

Miniature figures
Building Models
Design & Architecture
Organ simulation FEM
Presentation Objects
Prototype Models
Product development
Educational Models
Shoe Industry
Motion Picture and Advertising Industry



3D Generation

No matter if it’s 3D visualization, 3D modeling, 3D scanning 3D printing, our team of experienced and motivated photographers, 3D artists and designers are available to assist you.


Call us and tell us about your project, so we are able to send you a personal offer and can advise you.