3D printed figure in Eindhoven

Discover the „3D Generator“ in Eindhoven.

3D Generation goes international! Presently our new  3D Generator as a mobile 3D Scanning-Room-Solution will be in Eindhoven in the Netherlands from the 26.04.2017!

3D photo shooting soon as well in Eindhoven.

At our new location in Eindhoven humans, animals and objects will be scanned within a split second through 70 simultaneously connected reflex cameras. From the outcoming data set a virtual 3D model is edited by professional post production and is afterwards transformed into a 3D printed figure with the newest 3D printing technology.

The outcome is plastic and true-to-life 3D printed figure!

These photo-realistic 3D printed figures persuade with their true-to-life details. And almost everything is possible: In sizes from 15cm to 50cm, families, couples, single persons, pets and much more can be eternalized as an artwork. The most personal present to your loved ones or simply to yourself!

A professional 3D photo-shooting including a 3D printed figure is starting at a price of only 59,-€.

We are looking forward to welcome you soon in our 3D studio in Eindhoven!


Boschdijktunnel 1
5611 AG Eindhoven

Phone:  +31 40 235 8800