Your 3D Figure In 3 Steps

This is how it works


A special experience awaits you in our 3D photo studio. 65 cameras are focused on you and begin capturing your image in the 3D shoot. A 360° photo of you is taken in under a second. The first step towards the production of your Mini-Me is complete!


Then your model will be edited professionally by our specialists. On request you also have the option to add accessories to your model (ex. a flower bouquet). Your Mini-Me should reflect your likeness, attitude and originality. 

3D print

Our high-tech 3D printers are used for the final steps. Step by step a full color 3D figure, that you can hold in your hand, is created. The figures are as individual as their owners. Welcome to the world of 3D photography!

Simple explanation of the manufacture of 3D figures by Jean Pierre Kraemer (in German)