Important tips for your 3D-shoot

your look

Your personal style makes you original. This will be reflected accurately on your 3D character. Colorful clothes can add a touch of class through our precise printing process.

Combine your favorite jeans with a fancy sweater, casual shirt or dress shirt. Basically, all fabrics with a coarse texture, prints and texture can be seamlessly adapted. You love accessories such as colorful hats, caps, eyeglasses, scarves or large bags? Bring them with! These accessories will enhance and improve any look. Your hobby makes you who you are? Express this and take your skateboard, snowboard, instrument, uniform etc. with you!

By the way, you have the possibility to change clothes, put on make up or just simply get prepared if ran out of time at home. Remember the more accessories and clothing you provide will result in a more personal 3D figure.

Your photo pose

Our team is there to support you and offer you professional posing guidance for your 3d figure. Do you have an interesting hobby or a great job? Exhibit yourself! With just a few props, posing can be made easier.

You are free to bring pictures with of poses that you like. You can also come by and gather inspiration from our figures at our store location. Together we will then evaluate the technical possibilities to create your perfect image.

We want you to feel comfortable in your 3d photo shoot experience. In order for us to accomplish all your requests and wishes we ask that you plan at least 30 minutes for the length of your appointment.

your clothing!

Please try to refrain from wearing reflective materials. Clothes made of silk, paint, latex, polished leather or transparent materials can be problematic. Extremely fine textiles like chiffon or tulle are also not suitable to be reproduced. Our cameras sensors have limited capacity to capture these surfaces.

Please be aware that in cases like these additional costs for 3D adjustments may occur.

We will advise you and are happy to answer any questions you may have. We are looking forward to your visit.

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